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To listen radio you browser should be equiped with Flash plugin and (for several stations) some media player plugin.
We recommend the following:
  • Windows users – Windows Media Player.
  • Linux users – Gecko Media Player.
  • Mac/iPhone users – QuickTime.
  • Android users – nothing. If nothing happens in Android native browser, try something else. For example, Chrome or Opera.


Connection to the stream and buffering takes some time, which depends on the stream bitrate and the bandwidth of your internet connection. That is why, the radio can start playing not immediately. Wait a bit.
Most radio stations have multiple streams of broadcasting. Select the best stream for your internet connection and the desired quality.
If you paused broadcasting and planing not to switch it on for a long time than better click «Switch off». It'll clear stream buffer and stop loading stream into your computer. If you wish to listen mised broadcasting later than use pause. But remember - long time buffering may cause your browser to run slow or hang.

Possible problems

All streams are checked manually and automatically in the background. But there is nothing eternal and ideal. There is always the chance that at the moment when you want to listen to any radio, it does not play. The reasons can be many.
  1. Slow speed of your Internet connection,
  2. Bad connection between you and the source of the radio stream,
  3. Problems with the source.
As a rule, if the stream is presented in the catalog and not marked as unstable or absent, than the reason is number 1 or number 2, or number 3 for a short time.
  • Stop your downloads if you have any.
  • Check if another stations are OK.
  • Try to switch to another stream of the desires station (if it is).
And finally, what could be causing such a phenomenon as «nothing works and it is not clear why» is the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. If you are not a member of the MSIE fan club, but for some reason you are using it, we recommend to get rid of this disaster, and you'll see not only this site but the whole Internet transformed for the better.

Why register?

Account on our website will allow you to use an option "favorites", i.e. save your favorite stations in a separate list for fast access in the future, without having to search out.

Traffic flow

24 KBit/s = 3 KBait/s = 180 KBait/min = 10.5 MB/hour
32 KBit/s = 4 KBait/s = 240 KBait/min = 14 MB/hour
48 KBit/s = 6 KBait/s = 360 KBait/min = 21 MB/hour
56 KBit/s = 7 KBait/s = 420 KBait/min = 24.6 MB/hour
64 KBit/s = 8 KBait/s = 480 KBait/min = 28 MB/hour
72 KBit/s = 9 KBait/s = 560 KBait/min = 32.8 MB/hour
96 KBit/s = 12 KBait/s = 720 KBait/min = 42.2 MB/hour
128 KBit/s = 16 KBait/s = 960 KBait/min = 56.3 MB/hour
192 KBit/s = 24 KBait/s = 1440 KBait/min = 84.4 MB/hour
256 KBit/s = 32 KBait/s = 1920 KBait/min = 112.5 MB/hour

Enjoy your listening!
LaRadioFM team.
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